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Featured In The Film

Nassim Haramein
Kute Blackson
Sujon Datta
Susan Shumsky
Daniel Blair Stewart
Steven Sadleir
Neale Donald Walsch
Sri Ram & Kira Raa
Christian & Marley Oyen
Debbie Ford
Lisa Renee
Gary Renard
Dr. Zhi Gang Sha
Ishmael Tetteh
Max Christensen
Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi
Dolores Cannon
Professor Sasi
Gudni Gudnason
Amoraea Dreamseed
Sirene Chevalillier
Lou Corona
Jared Mitchell
Theresa Ibis
Nataraj Baba

Posted January 14, 2011 by starseedfilms

17 responses to “The Movie

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  1. will spread the word of the movie in South Africa. I say Halleluja to movies like this!

  2. when will the movie be available on a DVD for purchase ??

  3. Interested in DVD

  4. Years ago, in answer to a question, I spoke the 3 magic words to a relative who reacted with shock. With hindsight my response was perhaps too radical for the time, and I think his reaction would have been very different had he been privileged to view this movie first.

    Yes, the 3 magic words are transformational. See the movie – it’s time to remember.

  5. who did the soundtrack/music for this film?

  6. If every living being could say ‘I LOVE YOU’ and also feel it, the planet would be a different one.
    Look forward to seeing your movie in Portugal.


  8. Please notify me when the movie becomes available!

  9. This Movie made me cry….for so many reasons….
    I cried for Joy that this kind of a film finally got made!!!
    It made my heart so tender to know that there are others out there like me who are ready to take full responsibility for their actions, their neighbors actions and for Our beautiful… Loving Mother Called Earth!!!
    I cried… For all Our Unconscious actions that have left so many of us Hurt , Dis Empowered or Scarred!
    Now is the time to spread this powerful global message of Compassion and Liberation!!! Thank you for this very Exrta Ordinary Gift to Humanity…in loving Reverence… Goddess Athena

  10. i m so glad to see this

  11. Is this movie based on the book of the same name? And therefore the same 3 magic words?

  12. Is this the same as the U. S. Anderson book , TMW? If so, that book changed every thought I have had since reading it 5 times in a row…

  13. The movie was referee to me by my sister.I must be good if she would recommend it to me. I will watch the movie. John Tx.

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